A partial listing of our Affordable Low Cost Medical Care and Labs

Self Pay Pricing

Office Visits

         New Patient Office Visit                                                  50.00
         Established Patient visit                                                 50.00
         Weight Loss new patient visit                                         50.00
         Weight Loss established Patient visit                               50.00
         Testosterone  therapy new patient visit                           50.00
         Testosterone established therapy patient visit                  50.00
         School Physical                                                             30.00
         Sport Physical                                                               30.00

Services in addition to office visit:  (sample)

Procedures plus $45.00 office visit                                                    Labs

         Avulsion Nail Simple                         95.00                            Cbc                              10.00
         Ear Irrigation  each ear                     30.00                            Cholesterol                   20.00
         EKG Complete                                 30.00                             HGA1C                         15.00
         Excision Ingrown Toe Nail                125.00                           Thyroid                         20.00
         I&D Abscess or Hematoma              125.00                            Testosterone                 30.00
         Injection Administration (No Visit)     10.00                            Prostate                        25.00
         Laceration Repair Simple                120.00                            Urine                             10.00
         Laceration Repair Complex             175.00                             Pregnancy                     15.00
         Nebulizer  Treatment                       25.00                             Liver                             15.00
         Suture/Staple Removal                    25.00                             Kidney                          15.00
         Eye Exam/ Foreign Object removal   80.00                             Vitamin D                      40.00

Se Habla Espanol.

Our prices are posted at our front desk.  You can consult with your dedicated medical provider and decide if you want to undergo a specific medical treatment or test.  There are no co-pays or deductibles.  No insurance authorization or insurance forms. No concierge fees. No monthly payments.

MHCC is a private pay / cash pay clinic.

Clinic is owned and operated by Miguel Macias, PA-C, a Physician Assistant with over 20 years’ experience providing primary medical care for adults and children.

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